sábado, 26 de maio de 2012

The day I was adopted

Hello world !

My Name is Catty and I was adopted when I was a month and a half!

I am a black cute kitty and I am very very tinny !

My mum always wanted to have a baby cat and she desired me with all her heart for years!
Finally her dream came through!

My mum went to this association that helps babies like me to get a proper home. There were two  ladies that were taking care of me, my brothers and lots of other cousins!

Her association is called 'Bigodes e Ronrons' (Whiskers and Purrrs) and you can see their Facebook Page Here.

So.. My mum went there Saturday Afternoon and When she picked me up she knew I was her one and only! She hasn't let me go ever since! I was her Catty! 
When I got home she already had tons of stuff for me! Lots of soft and cute beds and toys for me! She had a little house for me to slip with a leopard print pillow.. but I always sleep on her lap!! 

So.. here are my first pictures! 

With my mum, still in the Association!

On my way home with my brand new transporter and soft purple blanket! 

I'm very tired and sleepy! I went to sleep after this picture!!

Se you tomorrow!!


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